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Cold Pressed Jojoba Essential Oil

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This is the highest grade certified organic, cold‑pressed, unrefined Jojoba oil.

As a universal skin moisturizer, it ideal for all skin types with great healing and penetrating properties. Due to its fatty acid profile it closely resembles our skin's own sebum.

Environmental factors and harsh chemicals can be hard on our skin. Give your skin’s hydration levels a boost by locking in essential fatty acids. It also makes a great cleanser for skin, hair, and scalp because it helps remove excess oils.

  • soothes & softens
  • penetrates deeply
  • regulates sebum production
  • mimics the skin's natural oils
  • Protects & conditions skin
  • Deeply moisturizing
  • reduce redness & swelling
  • Skin healing properties 
  • Organic & cruelty Free

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